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66 Summerhill Lane
Valley Head, AL


149 Harley Drive NE
Fort Payne, AL


738 County Road 427
Fort Payne, AL


6316 County Road 127
Fort Payne, AL


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“I would recommend Tina to everyone that ask me for great Realtor she help me find the house I wanted. She gave me lady’s name an number that would help me get my fist loan since I’m a first time buyer an stayed in contact with me the whole time we was looking an had great experience with dealing with them”


“My wife and I purchased a perfect cabin in Mentone, AL. Tina was kind and professional every step of the way. She has my highest recommendation. She was responsive in her communications and available when we needed to look at homes. Thank you very much Tina!”

Thomas and Mary

“As out-of-towners, we could very rarely be in town to look at houses during the week. Neil never hesitated to meet us at 8 or 9 AM on a Saturday morning and take us to see 6-10 houses (even during deer hunting season). He went out of his way to answer any questions we might have about the home, and if he didn’t know the answer he made sure he found out and followed up with us as soon as humanly possibly. Neil was very knowledgeable of the area, and was up to date with the conditions of the market. He never tried to pressure us into buying anything, whether it was a house he had listed or not. He was right there with us every step of the way, and I can honestly say we wouldn’t be homeowners today if it weren’t for Neil’s expertise and work ethic.”


Randall & Hilery

“I live in a different town from the home I was selling, and Tina worked hard to accomplish the sale without my presence. She did a great job!! I whole-heartedly recommend her services as a real estate agent. She rocks!”


Tina has helped me on several transactions, both selling and purchasing. She is very professional and always makes sure I understand all issues at hand on each transaction. I highly recommend her as an agent and know that she will act professionally in any dealings you might have with her.”


Tina is a ‘one in a million’ real estate agent! She definitely went above and beyond to help us sell our home. We were exceptionally pleased with all the hard work Tina put into selling our house. The house sold so quick, that we barely had time to move out! Tina is a very motivated agent, and she will get the job done in a timely fashion. I will highly recommend Tina for any Real estate transaction.”

Tina not only helped us sell our home, she also helped us purchase our next home. All this happened with in a week of each other. It wasn’t a easy task since we work out of town. Due to weather & unforeseen circumstance’s the closing on both home’s was a nightmare. Thankfully Tina took most all the stress and worry off of us and got both home’s closed successfully! I would highly recommend this fantastic realtor!”

Words can’t say how much we appreciate Neil Colbert. If not for him we would still be looking and …..looking- instead of enjoying the sweet cabin you found for us! Talk about timing and being spot on-you were Awesome!! May God always bless you! 

Jerry and Jamie