Interested in an older home? Read this first.

A lot of people are attracted to older, historical homes. Many feel a certain sense of allure towards owning a property that has been in the neighborhood for hundreds of years.

You yourself might be dreaming of historical homes for sale in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Are you attracted to crown moldings? Or antique built ins that were carefully crafted by the architect?

These historical properties possess a certain sense of je ne sais quoi, and charm that you can’t necessarily find in modern day houses for sale in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Perhaps there is a property that was once the homestead of a family of farmers who helped to colonize the area, or home to a group of lawyers who were apart of the legalization of Fort Payne.

The history behind some of these properties is absolutely fascinating.

Not only are these properties momentous to the settlers that once roamed there, but certain homes have been beautifully restored to meet modern day real estate standards.

Now, that doesn’t automatically mean you should assume your home is as good as new. Even if the home you are interested in has been restored, there are certain limitations to look out for.

Pay attention to the heating system.
Will you need heat during the winter? Or cooling during the summer? Make sure your heating system is up to code and fit for your families needs. Ensure you have done a thorough and proper inspection of the heating and cooling systems before spending a winter or summer there.

What kind of wiring does your home have?
Did you know that certain insurance companies refuse to insure homes that have “knob and tube” wiring? Plan ahead. In addition to a home inspector many homebuyers also request a separate inspection, like an inspection done by a trained electrician. If your home has ancient, outdated electrical work, you may consider taking this extra step.

Last but not least, check the pipes!
What kind of plumbing does your home have? Make sure to check the pipes to avoid any hidden issues later in life. Galvanized piping are often found in homes built before the 1960’s. They contains a layer of zinc that can erode over time which can impact the structure if left untouched. These pipes are also prone to corrosion, which can negatively impact your water quality and pressure.  Certain piping like polybutylene are no longer accepted by U.S. building codes.

Learn all the ins and out of your home, and determine whether or not the property meets your standards. If there is an issue within your home, is the seller liable for the repair? Ask yourself these questions, before making any final promises to purchase. These issues can often sneak up on a home buyer, so make sure to check for any determinants before you fall head over heels for the property.

For most, buying a home is a lifelong commitment that shouldn't be taken lightly. So in addition to all the emotions that comes with searching for your dream home, make sure to pay attention to what your brain is telling you!

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