Home Tech Add Ons

Enhance your property for selling your home in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Are you interested in selling your home? There is a lot of work involved in selling your home in today’s day in age. There are legal hoops to jump through, in addition to all of the work that’s involved in actually preparing your home and property for the market.

Here at Ole Heritage Realty we are here to offer you a lending hand. Our site offers helpful tools and tips for home sellers who are interesting in learning more about Fort Payne, Al real estate.

If you are a homebuyer looking to add those last minute touches before you list your home for sale, check out the list below and see if these tech add-ons might be fit for you.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to completely rewire your home or spend thousands to upgrade your home with advanced technology. Sometimes it can be as simple as screwing in a new light bulb. Check out these easy-to-add home technology add-ons, and see what you can do to bring your house in to the 21st Century.

You never know when adding the option to dim the lights in the bedroom just might be what sells your home to that newly wed couple that just moved to town.

  1. Consider adding USB Outlets  These outlets come with a USB outlet to plug in your phone, tablet, or other devices. You may consider changing out certain outlets in the house to have this option. It can be an attractive feature for home buyers, especially those coming from the tech industry or those that value the use of their devices. Now if you do decide to make these changes, make sure to invest in the best wall outlets with USB chargers, in order to avoid a malfunction down the line.

  1. Install a Smartphone Garage Door Opener - Investing in a new garage opener can be a useful way to attract home buyers, especially millennials or those who rely the use of their smartphone. You can show these types of buyers just how much ease and control they will have over their home, all with the power of their smartphone. This tends to feed the buyer with a sense of control and ownership, which encourages a sale.

  1. Switch to SmartPhone Light Bulbs - Smartphone light bulbs are controlled by your smartphone, and often come with more options than just a normal lightbulb. There are bulbs that dim, change color, and so much more. Think about the types of buyers you are trying to attract, and if they might be interested in options such as these. Think about your home. Is there an area of your home the is lacking light switches? Do you want to dim the lights in the living room? Take some time to consider the best options.

  1. Invest in some Robots! - There are plenty of robotic home improvement gadgets out there. You may consider investing in one of these, to sell along with your home. From a robotic lawn mower to a robotic vacuum cleaner, there is an invention that is fit for every home. These robotic luxuries can make a buyer feel more at ease and less stressed about the moving process which in turn makes them more likely to buy.   

These tech add-ons are targeted towards home buyers. The list was based on a article written by the Family Handyman.  If you have any questions about the information above, or about homes for sale in Fort Payne, Alabama contact us right away. You can reach the office at .

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